Financial Information

  1. The registration fee must be paid at the time of registration and is nonrefundable and nontransferable. The registration fee is $100 per student.
  2. A book fee will be assessed for each student and must be paid by the first day of school. The book fee is $300 per student.
  3. A 10% discount on tuition is applied when full payment of tuition is made prior to the first day of school.
  4. A ten-month payment plan is available and is calculated by dividing the total tuition cost by ten. The first payment is due July 1 and the remaining 9 payments are due September 1 through May 1. The month of August is reserved for book fees.
  5. Graduation Fee: The kindergarten class cap-and-gown and diploma fee for graduation is $25. Senior class graduation fee is $65.

Tuition Rates

  • Half Day K5
  • One Student
  • Two Students
  • Three Students
  • Additional Students


=     $200 per month
=     $250 per month
=     $440 per month
=     $580 per month
=     $115 per month

Other fees throughout the the year may include (but are not limited to) Sports Jerseys, PE Uniforms, VCS Sweatshirts/jackets, Yearbook Purchases, and Fundraising Events.

Payment can be made in the school office by cash, check, or credit card.