About Victory

Who we are

Victory Christian School began in 1978 and is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church. Our goal is to train each young person to develop the mind of Christ while giving him an excellent education. Following the traditional philosophy to which American education adhered for over a century, we operate each classroom on absolutes, Biblical authority, and character training. Through Christ's strength, we desire for our graduates to enter their futures as clear witnesses to God's Word, useful workers in their employment, and godly citizens to their country.


What we offer

  • Classes span Five-year Old Kindergarten through the 12th Grade.
  • Kindergartens choose between half-day and full-day attendance. With either choice, kindergarteners benefit from a program that teaches intensive phonics and cursive writing.
  • Students learn from a premier curriculum A Beka Book which has been tested for decades in Christian schools and which provides solid academics all from a Christian perspective.
  • Tuition costs are kept at an affordable price compared to other private Christian schools.
  • Our Lock-down Facility provides a safe environment for our classes.
  • Elementary students enjoy P.E. and Music classes.
  • High School students can choose to participate in choir and drama club. Juniors and Seniors can participate in Yearbook Club.
  • Intramural Boys Basketball (grades 1-12) and Girls Volleyball (grades 3-12) provide extracurricular activity for students.
  • Graduates will finish their high school career with a broad liberal arts education allowing them good flexibility in future endeavors.


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